With so many types of lawn mower on the market, you can be very overwhelmed and not knowing which is the right one for you and your lawn. But wonder no more, this article will provide all the basics you need to know about main categories of lawnmower. For the lawn future!

Reel Mowers

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Reel mowers are the simplest of them all. By converting your pace into rolling power and cutting, they utilize the most basic form of physics with great efficiency. You can even call them the grandpas of mowers if you want. And they still exist, even used very frequently for various reasons.

First of all, they are small and versatile. You can put them in most storage rooms and take them out with ease. Imagine it’s Saturday morning, and the sun is shining warm, and you suddenly feel the urge to clean your garden up a bit. You get into your garage, only to find that the big electric mower is too hard to get out. “Meh, just leave the grass alone for another week”, you may say. With the reel mowers, that won’t happen.

Another wonderful point with reel-ers is that, they are very environment-friendly. By running manually, not taking in any fossil fuels or electricity, they also emit no smoke whatsoever. No matter how eco-friendly the other powerhouses say they are, they will never beat the purity of the reel-ers.

And, very self-explanatory, the reel cutters are very easy to use. You walk behind them at a sufficient pace, and the blades roll, the grass is cut very nice and clean. That’s it! No buttons, no configurations. Just walk, enjoy fresh air and sunshine, and voila! Your lawn is beautiful!

The only cons to these is that they are small and not very powerful, and if your lawn is average size or above, then it will take some hard work to fully cater to the whole area. Or, if the grass is relatively dense, reel-ers would have quite a hard time. But if you wouldn’t mind walking a bit, then this is absolutely for you.

Gas Mowers

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Gas mowers are the second-generation of walk-behind grass-clippers. But they still stand tall among all other classes, famous for their reliability and power.

Yes, those are the very strong points of gas mowers. They run on gas engines, and thus will better ensure that your lawn will be cut perfectly at little time at all. Generally, gas mowers have wider decks – and therefore they can cover more area within one pass. In other words, you won’t have to walk as much to cover the same area of lawn.

Also, by using an engine instead of pure pushing energy, gas mowers will not leave any blade of grass uncut. You won’t have to check the lawn again and bending down just because some blades were missed. You won’t encounter any problems at all with the denser patches of grass, or walking up hill. And you can let the worries about safety aside too: most gas cutters have a system of protection against obstacles, and a children safety system too.

If your lawn is above-average size, or it has some up- and downhills, or your grass is of stronger varieties, then you should definitely bring home a gas cutter. Although they may be loud, quite heavy, and their smoke is not very healthy, but sometimes you will have to make that hard choice between bringing home a small reel-er that may not do its job and a gas powerhouse that ensures a job well-done.

Corded Electric Lawn Mower

The name already tells you why you should choose these electric cutters. They are the third alternative of the walk-behind cutter category. Don’t judge them for their age though, because you may be surprised with what they can offer.

Basically speaking, electric mower lawn are stronger than reel-ers, and quieter than their gas counterparts. By also using an engine – but operating on a different type of energy, they ensure that the grass is clean-cut, and doesn’t emit as noise when compared with gas-users, and no direct pollution at all.

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Another advantage to electric mowers is their newly addition: self-propelled mowers. They take over your tiring walking part, and basically push themselves forward without needing you behind them. That also means you can spend more time enjoying the look and scent of newly-cut grass, and less time actually doing the work. Now that’s attractive!

What are the cons then? Best Corded electric lawn mower, again, is relatively heavy. Some of them also need cords to actually start, and that may cause some nuisance to the cutting process. Configurations may be a bit awkward also. But don’t let these flaws stray you away from the benefits of modern technology, you may regret it!

That is all for today. These are only the basic type of mowers for home-owners. If you are looking for more advanced machines, then look forward to our next article! We’ll see you there!

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